2 Great Walking Trails in Brentwood, TN

My 2 recommendations for nice walks local to Brentwood and Franklin residents.

Walking is the best exercise that all of us can do. It is a great way to mix exercise and relaxation. I find it best to spend time in nature during your regular walking routine. I am going to list my 2 favorite trails near my home in South Brentwood. I live in Raintree Forrest near Ravenswood High School and enjoy doing my weekly morning runs on the Brentwood Bikeway Connector Trail, I can walk out my door and access this trail by starting on the Rain Tree pathway. On weekends I like to hike at Marcella Vivrett Smith Park, for this I drive a short distance and park in the lot by the trailheads. The following is a short description of these 2 parks.

Brenthaven Bikeway Connector Walking Trail

Brenthaven Bikeway Connector Trail is a 7.9 mile out and back trail located in Brentwood, Tennessee that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, and road biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. The majority of the trail is heavily shaded. It has slight inclines but is easy enough for all ages.
There are 2 designated accessible spaces in the paved parking lot off of Knox Valley Drive at the north end of the trail across from Brentwood Library or behind the Concord YMCA. To the south you can park at Ravenwood High School on weekends or Smith Park and walk on paved trail to connect. Check a map to find the start on Ravenswood lane near Carriage Hill Dr. I live in Raintree Forrest and I run on the asphalt surface to the south entrance without needing to cross any busy roads. You will use 2 underground bridges to avoid Wilson Pike and the railroad tracks. The entire trail is asphalt paved and winds through residential area so is very safe to be on alone.
The trail can also be accessed at its approximate midpoint from Crockett Park in the back by the tennis courts. They have a Wilson Pike underpass trail that leads you to the trail. This is also a place with water and bathrooms which long distance runners appreciate!

Marcella Vivrett Smith Park Hiking Trails
1825 Wilson Pike Brentwood, TN

The trail is unpaved and can be rocky at times. At the trail head which has a bathroom and water available, you can find a map and usually paper copies are available to take during the hike. They have 4 trails ranging for 1.3-2.5 miles. 3 of which are loops and one is an up a hill and back down the same path. What I like about these trails is that they interconnect so you can take many different routes. I highly recommend starting with the Black trail first as I find it to be the easiest. My favorite is the blue trail and ending at the red trail so I can climb the hill at the end. Be prepared with good shoes because it has plenty of uneven surfaces. If it is wet after rain you may want to skip the hike that day. They are dog friendly with a leash of course.
My experience from observing others is that most age groups can handle the trails, I even see people running the trails which I have not tried yet. I regular see deer and other wildlife so if you are a photographer many great wildlife shots are available.
I hope my information is helpful and you get a chance to check these trails out. I am new in town and still have not done all the trails but I have a few others on my sights and will follow up in another blog.

30 Minute Massage Offered in Brentwood, TN

What is Express Massage?

30 minute massages referred to as an Express Massage are becoming very popular with our patients.  In our Chiropractic Clinic it has become more requested than the longer versions we offer.  During an express 30 minute massage the focus is on the area of the body which is tense or hurting at the time of the visit.  We commonly have patients presenting with acute pain in their neck and shoulder as an example.  During a longer session the area may be worked for to long resulting in soreness after the session which leads to longer gaps in between sessions.  If we can break the sessions up during the week we find less soreness and better results faster.  In most cases 30 minutes is sufficient time to perform the deep tissue necessary for common complaints. Shorter sessions fit better with busy schedules making it easier and more affordable to get the proper corrective care.  Many of our patients receiving Chiropractic Care find great benefits adding the 30 minute massage to their care during the office visit.

How does a 30 Minute Massage work?

An Express Massage is performed just like longer sessions.  We have a private room with a massage table and the patient will remove minimal clothing to allow for massage to be performed on the area of complaint. If the complaint is in the lower body we suggest bringing shorts to change into. During the massage the patient is under a sheet and only the area being worked will be uncovered. The techniques used during the massage will primarily be deep tissue and myofacial release with some stretching as needed. During the session the therapist will be able to give feedback on what is going on in the area and discuss how many sessions will be needed to alleviate the complaint.  If the condition is more complex the patient can decide to use longer sessions as follow up visits or continue a course of of short sessions.

Chiropractor Jeff Livingwell D.C. Leaves Profession to Become a Truck Driver

6-1-2021 Blissville Press Author: Joe Satire


Chiropractor Jeff Livingwell D.C. from Blissful, U.S.A. decided to quit his profession to become a truck driver at the local factory Envirocup.  He has found that 15 years of teaching healthcare is a rewarding career path but not a sustainable business model. He found himself going to work to only to see 5-10 patients every week that traveled from the next town over. This amount of patient visits was enough to only cover his cost to keep his doors open.  Sure he had new patients every week but he was finding that after he educated them on how to care for themselves through lifestyle changes they did not need his services often.   His advice was very simple he told his patients to exercise daily, eat only unprocessed food, and drink water.  Unlike his first job working with his mentor Frank Conundrum D.C. in the next town over he rarely had to discuss stress modification.  “The residents of Blissful had an unusually content lifestyle, in complete contrast to patients I worked with under Dr. Frank” Jeff told us.  Jeff also told us “Many of the patients he met in his Blissful practice seemed to have more free time and talked about their hobbies such as reading, crafting, gardening, and fishing.”

Blissful is a small town untouched by many of the common luxuries across the rest of the country.  The town is nestled in a valley which was blocked from satellite signals so no one had cable T.V. or internet access. It was such a small town that no cellular phone service was established in the area yet.  The only wires coming into town were power lines that traversed thru the town towards the next city 60 miles to the east Stressville.  Many of the 15,000 residents of Blissful were employed by 2 medium sized family businesses in town.  Blissfull Farms a local Whinery and Envirocup a factory which produces paper coffee cups for high end coffee shops in Stessville.

Dr. Livingwell is sad to leave his practice but is very excited about his opportunity working for Envirocup. “They are a great company to work for everyone gets 3 weeks paid vacation and they offered me the position as a wellness provider in the employee free clinic” he joyfully told us.  He ended our interview with “I am very proud of the work I have done in this community but it seems like they have no need for me anymore”.