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The Conscious Canary

Dr. Aiello is excited to release his new book The Conscious Canary: A Complete Model of Biophotonic Communication in Multicellular Life.

Electromagnetic energy produced by the Sun is the single most important factor for all life on our planet.  All forms of life, plant and animal are directly dependent on absorption of natural solar electromagnetic energy. This electromagnetic energy is converted into the quantum input of the electromagnetic system.

Conventional science recognizes how solar energy is converted into plant sugars during photosynthesis but to its peril conventional science has ignored the that solar energy is more importantly converted into a biologic electromagnetic system. The biologic electromagnetic system dictates every process of life from cellular reproduction, genetic expression, to energy metabolism.  Conventional science has been stuck observing life as only a physical state of chemical interactions but at the quantum level of small particles electromagnetic energy is coordinating every process of life.  Conventional science is like kindergarteners with construction paper shapes of proteins and charge dynamics like glue interacting in a meaningful ways to describe life.  Quantum biologist are discovering that life is an orchestra of biologically produced electromagnetic frequencies interacting with proteins in a coordinated planned event propagating the process of life.

In 1882 Thomas Edison built the world's first power plant in Manhattan, New York, marking the beginning of the worst form of pollution to life on the planet, electromagnetic pollution.  Soon after the invention of electricity radiofrequency communication invented by Guglielmo Marconi spread electromagnetic pollution across the developed world like wildfire. The complacent public health systems understood the impacts of electromagnetic pollution on health, thousands of peer reviewed studies have been produced confirming the negative health effects on plants and animals.  The public health system has chosen to put on blinders and make a business of the public health crisis that has unfolded by treating the symptoms of electromagnetic illnesses.  Metabolic Syndrome the greatest predictor of cardiac disease is caused by elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels which can all be attributed to chronic exposure to electromagnetic pollution.  It has also been well documented by researchers that the acute reaction of new forms of electromagnetic pollution causes the illness conventional science refers to as influenza.

The Conscious Canary delves into the electromagnetic cause of the 2020 pandemic followed by the first ever detailed model of the biologic electromagnetic system.  Dr. Aiello has spent the last two decades researching the electromagnetic nature of the body, the neurologic effects he observed in his patients during the early pandemic gave him the link he had been long searching for.  The electromagnetic system of life is not operating within the meridian systems of Chinese medicine but instead operates within the vast network of glial cells within the nervous system.

You can order your paperback or ebook on the Amazon kindle store.

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