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Allergy Elimination

We are proud to offer an amazing therapy for the elimination of the true cause of allergy symptoms. I say the true cause because what conventional science describes as the allergic response is in an out dates flawed model. So as the legal matter I am not treating allergy symptoms based on the conventional belief of an allergy. The true cause of allergies lies at a misrecognition of the allergy by the quantum system of the body. My treatment does not block histamines or treat any of the mechanisms conventional science believes is the cause of allergic symptoms. My treatment corrects the recognition system within the biophotonic communication of the body via peripheral nerve cold laser stimulus.

I developed this technique in 2008 out of necessity. In order to describe how I developed the protocol I first must explain how it started. After my wife had our second child she developed a severe allergy to the new family dog. It was odd because it was the same breed of dog we owned our entire marriage. We assumed that changes in her hormones from pregnancy exacerbated her allergies. I tried all the alternative therapies, over-the-counter antihistamines, and prescription steroids for my wife's condition with not even a slight amount of relief.

I have been researching the benefits of cold laser therapy for my entire career. Cold Laser Therapy has been a highly effective adjunct to chiropractic care in the orthopedic setting. My college mentor introduced me to cold laser therapy for acupuncture stimulus. He seemed to have an aversion to poking people with acupuncture needles. In addition to his Chiropractic practice, he practiced a homeopathic technique called NAET for many years. This technique combines homeopathic remedies with cold laser acupuncture treatment to eliminate allergies. I assisted him with NAET treatments many times. I did not believe this therapy worked, because it made no sense to me that acupuncture combined with homeopathic remedies could correct an allergy. The entire treatment seemed ridiculous to be honest but he believed it had potential for some patients. With all other avenues exhausted and left with the final decision of getting rid of the dog NAET was worth a try. I contacted my mentor to borrow the homeopathic preparations used to treat allergies to dogs and cats. The cat samples were a test because she was extremely allergic to cats. I brought them home to test her, I was discouraged but not surprised that she did not react to either sample. While returning the samples my mentor said he finds the technique is unreliable and believed the homeopathic samples may not be an accurate way to test. He said he has found success treating people with samples of the actual allergen. His advice was to go home brush the dog and make a sample of the hair. I did just that and when I tested her she did react, so I followed it with the treatment. About an hour later she said she was noticeably better but was still congested. Based on our theory her last pregnancy resulted in the worsening of her allergies I decided to test her on dust which she knew bothered her. I made a sample with my vacuum cleaner bag which she reacted to. I treated her and an hour later all her symptoms were gone. Still very skeptical believing a placebo may be at play I decided if we could correct her cat allergy we might be on to something. I went to her friend's house who had three cats to produce a good hair sample. I tested and treated her with the new sample. She went to her friend's house and no longer reacted to the cat. Previously she would have an asthma attack within minutes in this situation.

To test this therapy further, I produced a large kit of different foods, dust, and pet hair. I introduced the treatment free of charge to my existing patients in my clinic. I called a patient who had an anaphylactic latex allergy to inform her of the new therapy I was testing. The best part of testing this new therapy was it had no drawbacks. I was using the same orthopedic cold laser I used for the last decade with no side effects. My samples were all in glass vials which would not result in an allergic reaction during the treatment. The testing method was very simple place the vial being tested on the patient's stomach and test any muscle to see if it weakened them. Weakness is a positive test obviously. To treat the allergy you leave the vial on the stomach while performing the laser acupuncture treatment as per the NAET protocol. In that first week of trying the new method, I corrected multiple milk allergies, and the anaphylactic latex allergy was also corrected. Really quickly my practice was filled with allergy sufferers. My scientific explanation was I was correcting the negative energetic response your body was having to the allergen. If I had a sample of what was causing allergic symptoms I could correct the allergy in one visit. Over the years my kit has grown very large.

As I stated earlier I was very interested in cold laser therapy, it seemed to hold more promise as an adjunct therapy than any modality I had used in the past. The problem was unpredictability which is something I do not like. It was effective for some musculoskeletal conditions but not others. The penetration depth made no sense as the unpredictability. Superficial conditions like tennis elbow did not respond but deeper conditions such as bicipital tendonitis would. The penetration depth of a cold laser is millimeters deep which does not reach the muscle or tendons. Higher-intensity lasers do not increase the penetration depth, the only factor that affects the depth is the frequency. The deepest penetration frequency is red which is what I was using. As you can see from the diagram below the red frequency does not even bypass the skin.

I then started to believe the benefits from the cold laser may not lie in direct healing of the muscles but may be related to the acupuncture meridians, especially after I discovered the allergy treatment. An interesting part I discovered early on while experimenting with the allergy treatment is it did not work if I used acupuncture needles, it only worked when the laser was used on the points. I also found that I could successfully perform the allergy treatment by using the cold laser over the superficial nerve nearest to the acupuncture point. I did not have to be at the acupuncture point for the treatment to work. The treatment was acting by stimulus of the nervous system which again opened more questions than gave me answers. It was easier to believe the effects were due to some amazing energy flow in the acupuncture meridians. I now knew it was affecting neurology which in turn was changing the immune response. If this is the case then the nervous system must somehow sense the allergen in the glass vial. This sense must be electromagnetic energy and not chemical if it passes through the glass. I made this assumption because I have a vast knowledge base of electromagnetic energy and absorptive qualities.. Lasers are a unique form of electromagnetic energy. Lasers emit a coherent polarized single frequency of electromagnetic energy. The red laser I use is a 635 nM and I was already experimenting with different wavelength lasers in the Blue, Yellow, Green, and Infrared as neurologic stimuli.

I devised an experiment to test the electromagnetic theory. I placed a sheet of aluminum foil on the stomach of a patient with a known allergen. When I placed the allergy sample on the foil they did not react, when I removed the foil and placed the sample directly on the abdomen they reacted. This proved the body was sensing the electromagnetic energy of the sample. Aluminum foil will block all nonionizing forms of electromagnetic energy. Basically aluminum foil would block ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared light (all natural wavelengths). I ruled visible light out of the equation because I tested thru clothes regularly. To confirm I added a thick piece of cardboard to the test which did not stop the sample from reacting. I then purchased an acrylic sheet that blocks all visible and ultraviolet light. Placing the sample over the acrylic still did not affect the test. This left Infrared energy as the only electromagnetic energy unable to pass aluminum foil but able to pass the acrylic sheet. All molecules emit a low level of photonic energy in the near-infrared spectrum. This leads to the conclusion the nervous system must have the ability to sense the near-infrared energy of the external environment. This also brings the next interesting conclusion I made, the red laser has an effect on the reaction of the nervous system to the infrared energy of the allergen. This theory opened a door of research which led me to construct a new model of biology in which the body has a communication network not currently recognized. My research turned into writing my first book which will release in the fall of 2023. The book details my model of how electromagnetic energy moves through the nervous system carrying higher levels of quantum information above the binary system utilized by the nerves.

My research and experimentation during the writing of this book narrowed down the mechanism behind the allergy treatment. To understand this I first have to lay out what the conventional model of an allergy is. The initial step in the allergic response is initiated by the Langerhans cells located in the lining of the mucus membranes and the skin. The Langerhans cells have long been described as white blood cells that are the sentinels of the immune system. They monitor the external environment sensing foreign invaders. When they find something that is a threat they engulf the invader digest it and save a protein which is a memory of this invader. In the world of allergies, this protein would be the antigen. The Langerhans cells then migrate to the lymph node (very long walk) to show this new antigen to the Immune system. The immune system then produces antibodies against this invader so they have a memory of it. The antibodies in the allergic response are called IgE antibodies. Circulating IgE antibodies will then stick to the surface of Mast cells located in the dermis of the skin and the gut lining. If this invader shows up again the mast cells release histamine resulting in what we call the allergic response. Histamine in the gut results in hydrochloric acid production in the stomach, production of mucus in all the mucus linings, and fluid release into the mucus membranes causing swelling. If the reaction is strong enough sneezing, vomiting, and diarrhea develop. Histamine in the skin causes the capillaries to leak more fluid in the area causing swelling and dilation of blood vessels causing redness. The combination of the two can cause hives and itching.

So here is the problem, an allergy makes no sense. The conventional model also makes no sense and I find it to be irrelevant from the first and last step. Pollen is not a threat and I sure hope cat hair won't kill us. The contemporary theory of allergies is a mistaken identity is occurring. The IgE antibody response occurs naturally during a parasitic infection or poisoning. From the above mechanisms of histamine, this makes sense. So why does the body think that cat hair is a parasite or a poison? The IgE antibody in this model works by a lock and key mechanism. The antibody is shaped to fit the original antigen that started the process. Why would cat hair fit when it shouldn't? Why would my allergy treatment reverse this? Why would my tests with blocking the infrared signature of the allergen have anything to do with a lock and key or Langerhans cells engulfing a protein within a vial?

I said the first step is irrelevant because it is based on labeling the Langerhans cells as immune cells which is migratory. The Langerhans cells are embryologically derived from the same stem cell line as the sensory nerve. Not only that the nerve cell synapses to the Langerhans cell. They remain connected, this makes the migratory nature of Langerhans cells pretty tough pulling the nerve along with it. It would make more sense that the Langerhans cell is a neurologic sensor that sends information through the nervous system.

The last step is also irrelevant. The last step is the IgE antibody on the mast cell reacting to the return of a known invader. The mast cells are in the deeper layer of the skin and gut lining deeper the Langerhans cells. So instead of the Langerhans cells alerting the immune system of the return of a known invader the preplanned memory response waits for the invader to intrude past the Langerhans cells into deeper tissues so it can lock and key stick to the IgE antibody on the Mast cell.

My model places the entire system into my electromagnetic communication model of the nervous system. I am not going to detail my model fully because it is more complicated than just electromagnetic energy traveling through nerves. The system lies within the glial cells which cover all of the nerves of the central and peripheral nervous system. Through this system biologically produced photonic information travels within this system carrying a massive amount of information maintaining the coherence of the entire body as one purposeful system.

The system is sensing the infrared energy of the environment through the Langerhans cells. This information is transmitted via photonic messaging (electromagnetic energy) through the nervous system. At the first integration center in the brain called the thalamus, all messages from binary nerve and quantum glial are processed. The thalamus integrates all sensory information except the sense of smell before relaying information to the appropriate locations in the brain. The brain has three times more glial cells than nerves. Information is then processed in the glial network of the brain and then sent back down through autonomic nerves. The autonomic nerves send biophotonic signals which can be received by cells tuned to receive the signals. This is where the IgE antibodies come in. They receive the biophotonic signal from the processing center to respond to the invader by releasing histamine. Yes, the antibodies and all cell receptors for that matter serve as antennas that receive the electromagnetic signals tuned to their reception frequency. Histamine also is a biophotonic signal which is a preprogrammed message that activates all the cells local to its release.

So the mistaken identity is not in the Langerhans cell recognition or the Mast cell antenna. The mast cell is receiving the signal and does what it is told. When I perform my laser treatment I am not stimulating every Langerhans cell in the body, as a matter of fact, I have found I only need to stimulate one nerve on one side of the body with the yellow frequency laser for the treatment to work. You have to read the book to understand why that is. That one small location on the ankle I stimulate would not affect the Langerhans Cells of the entire gut and epidermis. The only reasonable conclusion is the effect of my laser nerve stimulus lies in the thalamus. The yellow frequency must be the frequency the nervous system has dedicated to incoming information from the Langerhans cells. I am sure more information is also transmitted by this yellow frequency of the glial system but this one I know for sure.

The laser stimulus either retunes the frequency within the thalamus or increases the energy allowing the thalamus to send a clearer signal to the central glial processing center. I like to think of it as talking on a cell phone that is breaking up. Your friend is telling you he sees a cat in the road but you heard him say a hookworm is in the road. Your Langerhans cells are sending the infrared energy signature of a cat but your central glial system hears hookworm. When I expose the body to a glass vial with cat hair while stimulating the nerve in the ankle with the yellow light the brain gets the clear signal again. The cool part is it only takes one time to correct the signal. The unknown part for me at this point is why I have to do this with each individual allergy. If I treat milk it does not also fix a wheat allergy. The integration center in the thalamus must make the crucial decision of what is bad and what is not. So it is possible that the correction occurs solely with messaging within the thalamus. I am still running experiments using different frequencies of lasers within the same color range to see if another pattern exists. The reason I am doing this is that for the first fifteen years of performing this treatment, I used the red laser to perform the allergy treatment, and it still worked. I have attempted the blue laser and it does not work. For this reason, I use tuning as an example. Red has a lower frequency than yellow while blue has a higher frequency than yellow. It is possible the yellow frequency was out of tune at a higher frequency and the red and yellow lasers bring it back down. The blue frequency doesn't work because it makes it worse. This seems to be the mechanism involved but it is very difficult to narrow down because not every frequency of visible light can be produced by simple man-made electronic devices. While semiconductor proteins of the cells can emit a vast amount of frequencies of low-level biophotonic emissions.

If you followed this information I am thrilled if you did not and want to come in and talk set up an Environmental Sensitivity Evaluation appointment and I can walk you through how we can eliminate your allergies with cold laser neurologic tuning.

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