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Chiropractor quits job
6-1-2021 Blissville Press Author: Joe Satire


Chiropractor Jeff Livingwell D.C. from Blissful, U.S.A. decided to quit his profession to become a truck driver at the local factory Envirocup.  He has found that 15 years of teaching healthcare is a rewarding career path but not a sustainable business model. He found himself going to work to only to see 5-10 patients every week that traveled from the next town over. This amount of patient visits was enough to only cover his cost to keep his doors open.  Sure he had new patients every week but he was finding that after he educated them on how to care for themselves through lifestyle changes they did not need his services often.   His advice was very simple he told his patients to exercise daily, eat only unprocessed food, and drink water.  Unlike his first job working with his mentor Frank Conundrum D.C. in the next town over he rarely had to discuss stress modification.  “The residents of Blissful had an unusually content lifestyle, in complete contrast to patients I worked with under Dr. Frank” Jeff told us.  Jeff also told us "Many of the patients he met in his Blissful practice seemed to have more free time and talked about their hobbies such as reading, crafting, gardening, and fishing."

Blissful is a small town untouched by many of the common luxuries across the rest of the country.  The town is nestled in a valley which was blocked from satellite signals so no one had cable T.V. or internet access. It was such a small town that no cellular phone service was established in the area yet.  The only wires coming into town were power lines that traversed thru the town towards the next city 60 miles to the east Stressville.  Many of the 15,000 residents of Blissful were employed by 2 medium sized family businesses in town.  Blissfull Farms a local Whinery and Envirocup a factory which produces paper coffee cups for high end coffee shops in Stessville.

Dr. Livingwell is sad to leave his practice but is very excited about his opportunity working for Envirocup. "They are a great company to work for everyone gets 3 weeks paid vacation and they offered me the position as a wellness provider in the employee free clinic" he joyfully told us.  He ended our interview with "I am very proud of the work I have done in this community but it seems like they have no need for me anymore".

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