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quantum tunneling glial cell

I spent the first 22 years of my career practicing both Chiropractic and Acupuncture. My Chiropractic philosophy is a neurologically based approach not a crack the bone in place approach. I believed the chiropractic manipulation was a strong stimulus the the central nervous system effecting higher order postural tone mechanisms. I did not believe that bones slightly misaligned pinching nerves. I did believe that postural muscle imbalances would cause distortions in the spinal column that would appear as misalignments on the X-ray. By properly adjusting the spine to stimulate the central nervous system postural muscle imbalance could be corrected. The corrected posture would then effect the misalignments on the X-ray. It is a very simple Chiropractic method which literally boils down to left or right. Evaluate the side of the body that has the postural imbalance by testing muscle strength and tone. Followed by selectively adjusting the dysfunctional spinal joints on the opposite side of the body. If the right side of the body has a postural imbalance then I would only adjust the restricted joints on the left. Very boring but very effective method. The technical part is very confusing but it deals with stimulation of the sensory relay station in the brain called the Thalamus. Incoming sensory input from restricted spinal joints is decreased which results in decreased thalamic activity. A spinal adjustment frees the restricted joint and sends a large stimulus to the thalamus. Normal thalamic activity restores proper posture tone. I could predictably correct the postural tone imbalances that caused a vast array of complaints presenting to my clinic. This left me bored with Chiropractic, sounds funny but not much more to gain 2 years into practice.

I took a strong interest in furthering my knowledge of acupuncture. As a tool chiropractic had its uses in the orthopedic setting but acupuncture has a much broader scope of healing possibilities. A torn rotator cuff would not heal by postural corrections alone, acupuncture with electricity applied to the needles sped up the healing process. Irritable bowel syndrome, osteoarthritis, fertility, and eventually allergies became common conditions I successfully treated with acupuncture. It was my deep interest to understand the mechanism behind acupuncture. The concept of Chi flowing through the meridian system had to be explainable by physics. The meridian system must have an anatomic relationship to structure already delineated in anatomic texts. I thoroughly studied the bioelectric concept for the first 22 years of my practice trying understand the connection of the Eastern and Western systems of healthcare.

In my 23rd year of practice I finally made the connection. I am currently writing a book detailing my proposed system. I am going to discuss the general aspects for this blog as an introduction of my system. I believed that each meridian operated at a certain electrical frequency which I could enhance with electro acupuncture. For years I experimented with different electrical frequencies with no results. My discovery was that the system operated by electromagnetic energy. Energy within the visible light spectrum was what the Chinese referred to as Chi. The meridians parallel spinal nerves at the distal aspects of the extremities, it was this distal correlation that hid the connection of acupuncture to the nervous system for years. Each nerve carried information by electromagnetic energy up to the thalamus. Each nerve operated at a different frequency which correlated to the five element theory. Five element theory assigns a color to each grouping of acupuncture channels. For 22 years the frequency I was looking for was on a chart hanging in my office, it was not an electrical frequency but an electromagnetic frequency.

We are going to take this another layer deeper when I say spinal nerve I am not talking about the actual nerve, I am talking about the glial cell surrounding the nerve. Glial cells are poorly understood in conventional biology. Their function is limited to supporting the nerve cells and increasing the speed of velocity of neural firing. My model proposes that the glial cells form a complex network of information gathering, processing, and messaging. Within the brain glial cells out number the nerves 3 to 1. Concepts like consciousness are now being proposed to lie within the central glial network. The nerve based central nervous system can only operate by binary processing of information, while the glial system is the quantum computing network. Theoretic physicist propose that quantum computers using light (electromagnetic energy) hold the best promise for a true quantum computer. The only problem is working with light in a lab setting is very difficult. The grand plan of life has already figured it out using semiconductor proteins as the quantum processing system. This system is utilized in the basic unit of life the cell within its microtubule protein networks. The glial system organizes the function of the organism as a multicellular network by its microtubule networks. Peripheral sensory glial cells attain photonic energy from the pigment system in the skin which drives the system. Each glial/nerve cell unit operates at a different photonic frequency which is all integrated within the thalamus.

Photonic energy excites the electrons within the microtubule networks of the glial system via electron tunneling mechanisms. Microtubules are composed of amino acid sequences which allow electrons to flow thru in patterned behaviors. These patterned behaviors are driven by the photonic frequency that kick started the electron flow. As these electrons tunnel around thru proteins they can emit photonic signals which have information which can be gathered by microtubule networks within the glial system or cells served by the glial network. As nearby cells emit photonic signals the glial cell networks can absorb these signals which can be gathered and transmitted to the central glial network in the brain. The central glial network can then send signals back down to the cells with instructions.

I believe that acupuncture was aiding in the conductance of the initial photonic energy into the glial system. I discovered that cold laser therapy with different electromagnetic frequencies can have a more direct effect on this photonic stimulus to the system. Applying the cold laser not at acupuncture points but at specific spinal nerve locations on the extremities and spinal sensory nerves have higher order effects on the system. The effect of proper stimulus frequency to the system can activate thalamic electromagnetic integration centers improving the messaging going up the central glial processing system.

My new method allows a stimulatory effect to occur at the quantum processing level of the thalamus which has more profound healing implications. The spinal manipulation is only activating the binary nervous system activating nerve firing pathways. The effect of cold laser stimulus on the glial system is improving the quantum processing system.

What is so amazing about normalizing the quantum processing of the glial system. It is the mechanism behind the successful treatment exhibited by modalities such as acupuncture. With cold lasers it is more precise and I believe stronger than needle acupuncture. After my discovery I discontinued acupuncture as a modality completely. I now view cold laser therapy to be enhancing messaging via the glial system to the thalamus by the same pathways as I did in functional chiropractic neurology. The only difference is the stimulus I use and the broader effect it can have on the system.

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