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Allergen Sensitivity Testing focuses on the body's energy field and how it reacts to energy fields of potential allergens. Everything in nature has an energy field due to vibration states (frequencies) of the particles which make up matter. Some energy fields are simple, such as elements, which have a uniform frequency. Elements are combined to form compounds dependent on interactions among energy fields of the elements to make a stable compound. Our bodies have a complex energy fields with trillions of interactions of organic compounds. This field which is constantly changing depending on external factors from the environment and complex interactions going on within all of us. The body's energy field has the ability to operate within a certain frequency range and still maintain harmony. If internal or external factors cause a frequency deviation of this field, the body will go into disharmony and many types of illnesses may occur.

Sensitivity testing is a procedure which can test the reaction of the body's energy field to the energy of external factors coming from the environment. These external factors can be foods, pollens, chemicals, or animal dander to name just a few. This testing is based on assessing the energy interactions of the body and environmental exposure being tested.

An allergy is a physiological response our bodies have to substances it deems dangerous. The belief of sensitivity testing is that our body initially has a negative reaction at the energetic level which, if repeated and drastic enough, can result in a physiologic manifestation in our blood stream leading to a histamine response (allergic reaction).

So this testing is not an allergy test like a skin prick test performed by an allergist.  We are testing energetic reactions the body has to various substances. We find that most people react to things they already have been told by an allergist is an issue for them. We also find that we have reactions the allergist did not find. This may be due to the fact that they have a problem with this substance but have not yet developed a histamine reaction.

As a physician with a strong biology and chemistry background I have been having trouble making the lea of faith in accepting these energetic techniques. Especially as they relate to the physiology of an allergy. I have been using energetic techniques for years of an experimental basis and I recognized there is a very accurate and noticeable reaction while performing testing. I was not able to get a clear theort of how and why it works. The question was, "How does the body's energy field and another substance's energy field' interaction create an effect on the physiology of the body?" The question was answered when I thought  about another question I had while doing my undergraduate work at NIU. We learned about how bacteria developed antibiotic resistance when they were exposed to an antibiotic. somehow they developed a mutation that produced an enzyme to neutralize the antibiotic. i thought that was way too lucky to be a chance event. when a substance is placed in the media (antibiotic) that prevents reproduction (bacteriostatic) of the bacteria, by chance bacteria adapt to the antibiotic. the bacteria produce mutated offspring that are now resistant to that particular antibiotic in the media. i do not believe this was a chance event. i believe this is a perfect example of an energy reaction in which the outside offending agent’s (antibiotic) energy was countered by an energetic response within the bacteria. the energy interaction of the two resulted in a physiologic change creating a genetic modification; not a chance mutation. this genetic modification allowed the offspring the ability to counter the antibiotic and thus be resistant to the antibiotic.

I use the above mentioned theory of antibiotic resistance to show how interaction of the energy of the antibiotic and the energy of the bacteria were able to create a physiologic change in the bacteria. The physiologic change actually resulted in a positive response from the bacteria to the external offender (antibiotic). A negative response, such as an allergic response, is our primary focus. The chemical change that develops during an allergic response, is basically an excessive immune response based on the low-level of threat the allergen presents to the body.

I believe that the initial phases of an allergic reaction is between the body's energy field and the energy field of the allergen. This then progresses into a physiological response in the body over time. I also believe some substances we encounter will interact negatively with our bodies never resulting in a physiologic response. Initially disturbing our energy field in minor ways, most of which our body will have no ill affect from at first. When it continues to bombard our bodies certain people have enough disharmony that they begin to create a physiologic reaction, with each person having varying degrees. Therefore resulting in varying degrees of symptoms from minor itchy eyes or skin to full blown anaphylactic shock. Also I have found that once people start having trouble with energy field reactions they become more sensitive and develop more and more physiologic reaction to new allergens.

Using the above information for allergen sensitivity testing it enables us to perform remarkable treatments to desensitize patients. When we perform the testing and find a reaction we perform a treatment that day. The treatment consists of multiple laser correction points while the patient holds the substance we are treating. The combination of holding the substance in the energy field while receiving the laser energy correction reverses the energy disturbance created by the substance. When the body's energy field is able to interact normally with the substance we no longer see the physiologic reactions in the body including the allergic response.

In short, Allergen Sensitivity Testing method detects negative energy interactions and corrects the first step in the process by which the body becomes allergic to a substance. This is accomplished all naturally with no side effects at a very high success rate.

This video is my updated philosophy which explains how my elimination technique works.


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