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postural muscle imbalance

Postural muscle imbalance is the center of chiropractic method. Dr. Aiello believes that postural muscle imbalance is the cause of pain in the majority of his patients. Multiple obvious factors lead to postural imbalance such as a sedentary lifestyle, excessive time on computers and cell phones but less obvious factors are what his care addresses. After the initial evaluation recommendations are made for home care to address the obvious factors that are life style modifications. A daily routine of self-care is vital to feeling good. Proper eating habits, exercise, and stretching are the recomendations given on the first day.

The less obvious factors are part of the treatment protocol that Dr. Aiello uses in the office to correct postural muscle imbalances. Chiropractic care is the central part of our care. The spine sits on the pelvis and if the pelvic joints are misaligned than the spine has to compensate by bending and rotating to correct upright posture. This unnatural spinal posture is hard on the muscles of the spine and even the muscles of the extremities. Pelvic alignment is thoroughly assessed and treated as the first step of treatment. Once the pelvis is in proper alignment the vertebra are assessed one by one for restriction of movement caused by the compensations created by the unleveled pelvis. This is the part that involves the manipulation and "cracking" of the spine. The procedure is very safe and performed gently contrary to many other chiropractic techniques. Other techniques which depend on X-ray evaluation of the spine attempts to crack the spinal bones in place. Dr. Aiello's philosophy is you can attempt to adjust spinal joints into place multiple times with very little progress if the pelvis is not properly aligned. The misalignments viewed by X-ray are the result of compensations for the pelvic dysfunction. That is why it is not necessary to get visits 3 visits per week for weeks on end with his techniques. It should take 3-6 visits to properly align the pelvis when the cause of pelvis misalignment is addressed. Manipulation of the spinal joints corrects the restricted motion created by muscular irritation caused by postural muscle corrections caused by the spinal compensations to the unlevel pelvis.

What is the root cause of the pelvic misalignment. This is where the method Dr. Aiello developed differs from the other practitioners in his field. Dr. Aiello is trained in Functional Chiropractic Neurology. This method evaluates a postural muscle imbalance that occurs on one side of the body. In the lower body the patient will have slight weakness of the muscles in the front of their body and tightness in the back of the body. This imbalance is what causes the pelvis to misalign. The approach to Functional Neurology is to adjust the spine in order to stimulate the brain on the side the muscle imbalance is occurring. This theory holds that the spinal manipulation gives a large stimulus to the postural control centers in the brain that were not firing properly. In this technique you would only adjust one side of the spine to stimulate one side of the brain. For 22 years Dr. Aiello practiced this method successfully but had found it to be temporary. Patients would come back months after the episode he treated for tune ups as the pain was returning. Some patients needed corrections weekly to live pain free.

In 2019 Dr. Aiello discovered something interesting while stimulating acupuncture points with a cold laser. The laser had an effect on the muscle imbalance which meant cold laser had an effect on the brain. This led to a lot of research and experimentation which led to writing his first book on the topic of Biophotonics and the nervous system. Biophotonics are frequencies of visible light that is emitted by living tissue. Dr. Aiello developed a method of neurologic stimulation of sensory nerves with different frequencies of cold lasers to correct multiple issues which can lead to the one sided muscle imbalance that was distorting the pelvis. A great example is many people with low back pain have a pelvic misalignment related to food allergies. With his method he can remove the food allergy by balancing the biophotonic communication network of the immune system to the food they are allergic too. This only takes one visit to accomplish and many patients feel immediate relief. This is one of many ways that cold lasers can be used to correct postural muscle imbalance causing the pelvis to misalign. During the initial evaluation each sensory nerve is checked by using laser stimulus to evaluate the effect on the posture tone. When the offending frequencies are discovered it is amazing the effect it has while testing muscle strength. The patients are always amazed that by stimulating the nerve that is having an issue a noticeable weakness in strength is found in the pelvic muscles. This new method is very safe and is performed with the lowest level hand held lasers not much stronger than you tease a dog with. Correction of the imbalance takes 1-3 visits in which noticeable improvement in pain is observed.

By combining the cold laser treatment with Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy very rapid long lasting results are given much faster than standard treatments.

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