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Activator Methods

The Chiropractic Activator tool is used by Chiropractors to deliver a precise manipulation to the spine.  This hand-held tool is squeezed by the Physician while a rubber end is placed on the area of the spine  to be adjusted. When fully squeezed the Chiropractic Activator tool releases and performs a high velocity push to the spine.  The procedure is painless and very safe.  The goal just like a manual manipulation by hand is to rapidly open a restricted spinal joint freeing it up and restore normal joint motion.  Physicians who use this tool attend seminars to be trained in the use of this tool.  The Activator Methods is the most widely accepted program that teaches methods of assessing the spine and the proper way to perform safe corrections.  Activator has published science based evidence backing effectiveness of the tool. Some Chiropractic Clinics perform all of their treatments with the Chiropractic Activator tool while other offices will use a combination of both methods.

Is the Activator effective?

The Chiropractic Activator tool is extremely effective in restoring motion to the spine when it is in the hands of a trained professional.  It is very important to understand patient positioning combined with direction and level of force to deliver to the area being treated. I find it to be very effective to patients of all ages and body types.  In our clinic we choose to use it in high risk areas such as where a spinal surgery has been performed, children new to chiropractic, patients with osteoporosis or bone cancer.  We also have patients who are nervous about manual manipulations so we use this technique for their comfort.  In my clinic I find that the only difference is a patient will require a few more visits when I only use Activator vs. manual manipulations.

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