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What I need to know about getting an adjustment

If it is you first time getting an adjustment we will describe everything you need to know about getting an adjustment in this blog.  First Chiropractic Care is growing as people are becoming aware of the benefits and safety of this option versus what the medical profession has to offer.  Annually 22 million people visit a Chiropractor to receive spinal manipulative care.  The benefits for many common conditions have well been established.  35% of the 22 million are seeking care for low back pain, the rest are consulting a Chiropractor for care of other condition of the spine such as neck and middle back pain.  What many do not know is Chiropractic Care can benefit pain anywhere in the body.  I have many patients dealing with chronic pain in their extremities in conjunction with a spinal condition and are amazed that getting an adjustment in their spine gives them relief in other parts of the body.  Chiropractic is also an effective option for conditions such as asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, and anxiety.  Chiropractic has been a proven safe alternative to pain care and should be the first option when seeking relief from pain.

Getting Your First Adjustment

On the day of your first adjustment expect to have a physical exam to discover what your issues may be.  Sometimes an X-ray may be be necessary to evaluate more serious underlying causes of your pain.  After an exam is performed most Chiropractors will give an adjustment on the first day.  It is recommended that you wear appropriate attire that is loose fitting to make the treatment easier. It is very rare that a Chiropractic evaluation would require removal of clothes or wearing a gown. During a treatment you are on a specific chiropractic table which allows the Chiropractor to position you in different positions to perform the adjustments.  After an adjustment you should not be in more pain many people feel immediate decrease in their pain.  Many Chiropractors will also incorporate modalities such as contrast therapy, low back stretching, neck stretching, cold laser therapy, and massage therapy.   After your treatment depending on the severity of your condition you will be put on a corrective treatment plan.  Many people opt to continue care after their problem is resolved to enjoy the benefits of maintenance care.

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