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Energetic Theory

Dr. Aiello explains the energetic theory of natural allergy treatment in this video.  This theory is the basis of Allergy Desensitization Treatments offered in his clinic.  Techniques such have NAET have been used for the last 30 years to help people overcome allergies in a quick and noninvasive protocol.  In our clinic we have refined some testing  aspects of the older homeopathic techniques and found we can help a wider spectrum of allergies.  Homeopathic techniques relied on kits for samples. These kits did not contain the actual allergens but instead had homeopathic preparations that mimicked the allergen. In our clinic we have produced a large kit of the actual allergens in a whole state.  We test dog hair using dog hair and when we test foods we have actual food samples. All samples are in glass vials and we never contact the patient directly with the sample. After we test and determine the allergy we use energy reflex points with lasers to reverse many allergies in a single visit.  We have had success eliminating symptoms of allergies to food, pets, pollen, molds, and even electrical sensitivities.

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