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30 minute massage

What is Express Massage in Franklin and Brentwood, TN.?

30 minute massages referred to as an Express Massage in Franklin and Brentwood, TN. are becoming very popular with our patients.  In our Chiropractic Clinic it has become more requested than the longer versions we offer.  During an express 30 minute massage the focus is on the area of the body which is tense or hurting at the time of the visit.  We commonly have patients presenting with acute pain in their neck and shoulder as an example.  During a longer session the area may be worked for to long resulting in soreness after the session which leads to longer gaps in between sessions.  If we can break the sessions up during the week we find less soreness and better results faster.  In most cases 30 minutes is sufficient time to perform the deep tissue necessary for common complaints. Shorter sessions fit better with busy schedules making it easier and more affordable to get the proper corrective care.  Many of our patients receiving Chiropractic Care find great benefits adding the 30 minute massage to their care during the office visit.

How does a 30 Minute Massage work?

An Express Massage is performed just like longer sessions.  We have a private room with a massage table and the patient will remove minimal clothing to allow for massage to be performed on the area of complaint. If the complaint is in the lower body we suggest bringing shorts to change into. During the massage the patient is under a sheet and only the area being worked will be uncovered. The techniques used during the massage will primarily be deep tissue and myofacial release with some stretching as needed. During the session the therapist will be able to give feedback on what is going on in the area and discuss how many sessions will be needed to alleviate the complaint.  If the condition is more complex the patient can decide to use longer sessions as follow up visits or continue a course of of short sessions.  We also offer red light therapy add-ons to any session.

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