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Is chiropractic worth spending money

Affordably Priced Chiropractic in Franklin and Brentwood, TN at Aiello Family Chiropractic. After 22 years providing Chiropractic service contracted with multiple insurance Dr. Aiello realized it was no longer cost effective for the office or the patients. Insurance companies have increased copayment/coinsurance amounts and have decreased reimbursement to a level which no longer made sense. Many copayments are the same or higher than as fees. This office will not decrease time spent with patients and increase patient volume to compensate for the new insurance climate. This office schedules patients at 30 minute increments to allow the time necessary to give patients proper care. In the past we depended on a large staff to aid the doctor in giving the care he felt patients needed. Large staff requires a large overhead which was passed down to the patients as increasing cost.

A threshold was reached in 2019 that changed how Dr. Aiello runs his office. A smaller office with minimal staff and self pay was the only way to continue to provide the level of care that aligns with his office philosophy.

Affordably Priced Chiropractic Office Model

To minimize office overhead and continue our level of care we made the following changes

  • We increased our office hours to six days a week to give more appointment slots.
  • Implemented a simple online scheduling programs with an app.
  • Added a virtual phone number with text back responses linking callers to appointment app.
  • Virtual phone number also allows for secure messaging to answer questions in a timely manor.
  • Changed our payment system to a secure platform which holds credit cards and allows quick checkout or prepayments on the office app making patient checkout quick.
  • Went back to paper records to avoid high cost associated with electronic medical records platforms. Paper records are more private and secure.
  • Decreased staff to 1 person. Dr. Aiello is able to work alone efficiently with the above changes.

Since making these changes Dr. Aiello has been able to keep his fees affordable without decreasing the quality of patient care.

Service Prices List

Standard Fees

New Patient Exam and Treatment $100

Chiropractic Treatment $50

30 Minutes Massage $50

60 Minutes Massage $100

Environmental Desensitization $50

Red Light Session $25

Discount Packages

Chiropractic 12 pack.  Buy 9 get 3 free $450

Chiropractic 6 Pack. Buy 5 get 1 free $250

Red Light Therapy 6 Pack. Buy 5 get 1 free.  $125

Monthly Wellness Plans

3 month Minimum Enrollment

1 Chiropractic visit per month $40

2 Chiropractic visits per month $70

4 Chiropractic visits per month $130

3 Red Light Therapy sessions per week $175

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