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Many Chiropractic offices offer home care as part of their service or are exclusively mobile based.  The benefit of home visits you will never be stuck in a waiting room.  You will never have to drive in rush hour traffic rushing to be on time.  The doctor will not be in and out of the room seeing 3 patients at once just to make enough money to pay the employees and brick and mortar costs.  You will get the care you need on your schedule without driving to get there. Clients using this approach range from people who want to stay out of the public eye, stay at home moms that can't find the time to get away, visitors staying at a local hotel, to groups of 4-10 people working together in a large office.

Home Chiropractic Care can be offered in different ways.  Some Chiropractors have a mobile van they use to drive to a location with everything set up inside their vehicle.  Others arrive with a portable table and bring everything inside the home, office, or hotel room.  Our office has a physical location before and after hours we do offer a mobile services performed inside the home, office, or hotel room.  Rates are different then offered in the physical location.   Higher rates reflect travel time and setup but treatment sessions are also longer then an office visit.  If house call services are something you are interested in feel free to call the office to discuss the details.

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