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Cost of chiropractic brentwood tn

The cost of chiropractic adjustment depends on whose office you walk in.

The short answer is Cost of a Chiropractic adjustment is between $40-$70 per visit.  Some offices will require patients to sign contracts for discounted rates and pay up front, or they'll charge a flat rate every visit you come in. Some offices will even enroll a patient in a membership for certain time frames to be paid upfront.  The membership would allow a certain number of treatments per month.  The catch to a membership is the length of commitment. I have patients tell me that their last Chiropractor had a membership allowing 3 visits a week for a year.  When they told me what they paid I was a little disturbed. I remember learning in school that early founders of our profession believed Chiropractic Care is the affordable option of healthcare, always accessible to the common man.  The original Chiropractors did not have tons of expensive equipment to pay for, they just had a table and their hands.  The translation of Chiropractic is Done by Hand not by expensive equipment.  Stories of large upfront financial commitments are way to common and unfortunately give our profession a bad name.  These techniques are taught at practice management seminars to get well intentioned young doctors a high volume office as fast as possible. I believe a high volume office develops over time by building a good name in your community.

In my opinion paying each visit at a flat rate is the fairest and most honest type of charging policy.  We charge a flat rate of $40 per visit. My feelings are how do we know how many visits you may need.  I have patients with easy to correct issues that take me 8-10.  I also see patients with very complicated issues turn the corner 3 visits.  It doesn't make much sense to make a treatment decision on the first day and have people pay up front.  That's why I usually tell people 4-6 visits corrects most problems but if it complicated upward of 10 visits.  After 3 visits I expect a notable improvement if not we may run tests such X-rays to rule out more serious issues.

Some patients benefit from maintenance care which can range from regular once per month to stop in when you feel you need to be adjusted.

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