Dr. Aiello Chiropractor, uses safe low-force chiropractic techniques in the treatment of all his patients. All of our techniques are safe and effective for everyone including children, pregnant women, and people who have undergone previous spinal surgeries. These techniques include traditional Diversified Techniques, Sacral Occipital Techniques, and Activator techniques. Our Chiropractor also uses home rehabilitation techniques with all of his patients. In some cases, he may use Cold Laser Therapy to speed the healing of tendonitis/bursitis injuries.



Medical Massage

We provide specialty massages performed by the doctor.  The doctor uses a combination of lymphatic drainage,myofacial release and stretching. The goal is to restore normal posture by releasing the myofacial system structurally and enhance toxin drainage.


Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Aiello as a Chiropractic Physician is a strong believer in the affect our gut health has on our wellbeing. Many patients living with chronic pain or autoimmune conditions can change the course of their lives by changing their diet. Our philosophy does not entail selling nutritional supplements to compensate for poor diet. Supplements have their place but proper guidance in following an Anti-Inflamatory Diet is the core of our philosophy.


Allergy Testing

Allergy testing and desensitization treatments are also performed by Dr. Aiello. We find this technique to be amazing for people who suffer from food and seasonal allergies. The technique involves kinesiology testing of different types of allergens. Once an allergen has been discovered we are able to desensitize the patient using a laser treatment. For more information go to our Wellness blog and read Energetic Theory of Allergies and what is Food Sensitivity Testing.



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