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Stretches For Low Back Pain

I recommend 5 stretches for low back pain to all of my patients presenting with low back issues.  These stretches are advised for any low back condition I treat.  If tolerated I recommend doing these stretches every morning for 10-15 minutes preferably before going on a morning walk.  The purpose of these stretches are to loosen the tight muscles in our spine, hips, and legs.  These stretches will also put the lumbar spine into the 2 functional movements of flexion and extension.  These stretches are based on yoga poses which I find to be the most effective method of stretching.  I highly encourage all my patients to eventually add a yoga class to their wellbeing strategy.

5 Yoga Stretches

  1. Childs Pose
  2. Upward Dog Pose
  3. Downward Dog Pose
  4. Pigeon Pose
  5. Leg Up Wall Pose

The following video we will demonstrate these poses.

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